Keep your pictures, bookcases, pooltable, tabletops, and more perfectly level with the MultiLevel!

MultiLevel operates in two modes depending on the orientation of your device. Laying with the face up, the MultiLevel acts as a multidirectional surface level. In landscape orientation MultiLevel works as a single dimension bubble level.

MultiLevel's calibration makes it accurate to within 0.5 degrees which makes it the most precise level available from your iPhone or iPodTouch. Its versatility makes it perfect for both household or office purposes.


  • Zeroing calibration for optimum accuracy
  • Sensitivity adjustment for fine tuning measurements
  • Acts as a multidimensional surface level when the device is positioned face up
  • Functions as an inclinometer when the device is in lanscape-left orientation
  • Acts as a single dimensional bubble level when the device is in landscape-right or portrait orientation

Surface Level View


To use MultiLevel as a multidirectional surface level, simply place your device face up on the surface you want to level. Be sure to calibrate MultiLevel on a know level surface as described in the following section.


To get started you need to ensure MultiLevel is calibrated for your device. Until you calibrate it will ask if you wish to calibrate each time it's launched. Once calibrated there's no need to do it again unless you reinstall the application.

To initiate calibration, press the button located at the lower right of the main screen. Be sure to place your iPhone or iPod Touch, backside down, on a completely level surface for the calibration operation! Then simply follow the instructions presented by the application.



Bar Level Views


To use it as a single dimensional bubble level turn your device to landscape-right or portrait orientation such that the device is facing you. For more precise bar level measurements place the MultiLevel on a known level surface and press the zeroing button on the bar level view you're using.



Inclinometer View


The inclinometer is used to measure the angle of a surface relative to the angle at which the inclinometer is baselined. Typically the inclinomter is baselined to an angle of zero (e.g., parallel to the ground). Once baselined the angle is measured by rotating the device such that the side of the device is parallel to the surface for which the angle is to be measured.





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